Our Mission

Organised crime is one of the gravest threats to national security - blighting communities, ruining lives and costing the world well over 34 billion every year. Organised crime can feel distant from most peoples’ day to day lives, but it affects us all

How we work

Serious and organised crime is a global phenomenon. Threats such as cyber crime do not respect borders and cannot be tackled in isolation. The partnerships we’ve built with police, law enforcement, the public sector, private industry and internationally are fundamental to our success

If the recovery effort is a success, your funds will be returned to you. We also provide specialist operational capabilities such as offender profiling and serious crime analysis to support police and partners in law enforcement, among our many services. When the computer experts have done their job, the money is returned to you so you’ll have full access to your valuable investment going forward.

We lead our own operations, develop and disseminate intelligence to partners, support and coordinate national and international activity, recover assets and prevent and disrupt criminal activity.


  • Bitcoin Wallet Recovery
  • Money lost to Binary
  • Recovery of Lost fund through cyber crime.
  • On demand consulting
  • Money Laundering


“Report any case to us by sending us an email at info@fiaoffice.com”