Binary and Cryptocurrency

Lost funds through Binary

Many binary option outlets have been exposed as fraudulent.the estimates that the scammers steal $10 billion annually worldwide.If you just suspect you have been defrauded by a binary options company,please quickly send us an email to report such cases and we will be willing to help you.

Cryptocurrencies transferred to an invalid address

If your virtual coins were accidentally sent to the wrong address or were never received by the recipient, we can help to recover them.

Deleted data

If you accidentally deleted data and you fear your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are lost, the deleted data can often be recovered.

Old wallet versions

If you are not able to open your wallet with the current version of wallet software but you know your password, we can help you to resolve the software problem.

Storage with defects

If your coins are stored on mobile phones, computers, USB drives, or hard discs and you cannot access the coins any longer because of a defect in your hardware or software, we can help with data recovery.